Creating the Story and Brand Identity

A new brand needs careful thought in creating its identity with brand recall being high on the agenda. The brand is unknown as yet and hence extensive research is done to create an identity that is distinct from competition, future relevant and the form has potential for high brand recall while remaining within the value system of the organisation.

TTRACKIZE is a bundle of futuristic technologies – BLE, NFC, AI, WiFi, RFID, Block Chain. Most tracking and tracing technologies have a minimal font-end. Once data is captured from last mile gadgets, all the processing, analysis & interpretation happens securely under the hood and the results automatically pop on pre-configured devices based on user access.

Primary Color
To depict this idea, an electrifying Yellow was picked. It’s the color of youthful energy, intellect, friendliness and access. We want the technology to feel like this to the customer. It is an intelligent friend that is good company, trustworthy and makes your life easy. These two images began as a reference for establishing the Logo colors.

Secondary Color
This bright yellow needed to stand out max and hence a hue within its complementary color, blue, was picked. But to give it a sophisticated look, we gave it a little twist with a split-complementary of yellow – a faded blue-grey color. It gave Yellow balance and stability. A saturated complimentary color would have ended up fighting with the primary color. A general theme was created for the look and identity of the brand. The bright yellow was to house within a darker environment to depict light, wisdom and intelligence. A darker version of the same hue was picked to house the brand Yellow.

Logo Form
Industry 4.0 will revolve around intelligent & out-of-the-box technologies. Hence the form needed to complement the color to depict boldness, authority, trust and easy recall of the brand name TTRACKIZE. The first two letters of the brand name TT represent the two fundamental functional adjectives of the brand – Track & Trace. “T” became a natural choice to take the form of the logo. It was a step towards emboding T into the identity & keeping it simple by limiting the number of new elements being introduced. All track and trace technologies are built upon the ubiquitous ‘signal’, which formed the other element in the Logo.

Parent Brand & Sub-Brand

It was know early on that TTrackize will be the front-end Brand and IZEIOT(easy IOT internet of things) will represent the back-end architecture & function of parent brand.

IZEIOT - a sub Brand of TTrackize

Sub-branding becomes simpler when the parent is established. Specifically, in this case where IZEIOT had to identify with TTRACKIZE like its partner. Both bands coexist and depend on each other like a happy marriage. Why 2 Brands? They have their individual lives too!

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