The Challenge

Brand Identity is absolutely on top of the branding cascade. A 25 year old successful brand has a strong identity. A re-positioning exercise can be tricky. It needed an incremental approach rather than a shock affect approach. The challenge was to re-brand, while retaining elements of the Old. For a 25 year old B2B brand, each client is a substantial business relation. They were not to mistake the new branding to be a different company/ identity. Rather the rebranding was to reflect the same old values in a refreshed look & with the new position. Hence we started from scratch. After extensive ground work, A brand story was written to first distill the brand values, brand aspirations and brand perception.

New Position:

The organisation had moved up from its traditional strong hold in security print technology, into a range of Data security, Communications & logistic technologies servicing the BFSI (Banking, Financial institutions & Insurance) sector. This new position was not yet reflected in the brand perception and that had to be fixed. Being a high value, low profile organisation meant the re-branding was not to be flashy in any way. The identity had to be safely protected with an an incremental change – subtle yet refreshing.

Stage 1: Creating the Story

Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.

— Orson Scott Card

An organisation with a long existence, a vibrant history and a unique style of functioning, most certainly needs a metaphor to tells its story concisely and with simplicity of shape and form.

While researching the organisation functioning, its unique organic growth process came to light. Seshaasai has a strong unwavering foundation of values and work ethics, befitting an organisation that serves the economy’s critical sectors of Banking, Financial institutions and Insurance. Seshaasai had spread their areas of expertise incrementally and organically. Each of their 6 verticals of expertise grew as an offshoot of the previous. In search of a metaphor to embody the organisation story, the simple looking, yet the intelligently complex Dandelion flower seemed apt. This animation that we found on YouTube became a strong reference to build on the Dandelion metaphor.

A Poetic expression – The Dandelion for Seshaasai

Dandelion is a powerful metaphor.
It is artistic, intelligent and a part of nature.
It has so many lives connected to one. It likes to grow where the wind takes it.
Dandelion doesn’t need much to grow, just a small seed. Plants that it grows around get a shot at life because of the nutrients and insects that Dandelions send their way.
So partnering with Dandelions always makes for an enriching deal.
It is widely believed that Dandelions grant wishes. They quietly absorb all the wishes you tell them and navigate in the wind to find a way to fulfil them.
All this, while keeping your secrets safe.
The resilient, flexible, nurturing style of Dandelions is more emblematically suited for today’s dynamic world.
Their artistic mindset to explore and exploit new opportunities makes them an all-round expert.
Dandelions are world travellers, leaving their environments richer than they found them. Inherently innovative, they find a way to grow even with the most minimal resources.
We take inspiration from the ease with which dandelions spread and look at touching more and more lives every day, effortlessly.
We aspire to stay the Dandelion of wishes that our partners trust us to be.
Some businesses are Dandelions.  You don’t start them. They emerge as a force of nature to bloom into a piece of art that they are.
We, are all those businesses bound into one.

We are Seshaasai.
Touching lives of millions with The Art of Smart Technologies.

Written by Garima Obrah

Stage 2: The Story incorporated into the Logo

The Logo was created after 15 iterations and is inspired from the Dandelion philosophy.
Further, the existing brand values and the new brand story helped generate 4 Keywords to percolate into new Branding.

Data Security


Geography & Volume

R&D + Future-ready

Understanding the Logo Design
Apart from the Dandelion form, 2 Core ideas were incorporated into the shape and form of the logo

    1. Dots for intelligence 
    2. Happy partnerships are central to a B2B organisation 

Stage 3: Creating the brand Campaign Tagline

Each of the technological solutions from the organisation seemed to play like a well composed symphony but the back-end construct is equally complex and deeply researched & skillfully developed. For example, The organisation has a tremendous scale across the country. While they import sophisticated hardware and machinery for complex operations, they also build their own customisations that amount to more than 50% of the accumulated hardware and 100% of the software. So the brain of Seshaasai’s pan-country operations are developed inhouse. This aggressive proactive stance with R&D and innovation has given them exponential growth. This harmony of Art & Smart in equal sums lead us to create the Campaign Logline:

The Art of Smart

The Kinetic Drops art installation at the Changi airport, singapore, is mesmerising to look at, but behind the veil, a well developed hardcoded technology orchestrates the dance of these rain drops. This art installation became a conceptual reference guide for us to strive to infuse into the visuals and animation films that were created ahead.

The Logline would be followed by the specific adjective related to a specific Product/ service offering of the organisation.

The Art of Smart Communications
The Art of Smart Transactions
The Art of Smart Tracking
The Art of Smart Compliance

It became a conjoint Tagline!

Important note: All aspects of brand developed came organically from the deeper working of the organisation itself. We only helped identify it and give it tangibility.

Stage 3: Creating the Brand Guide

A detailed Brand Guide is created to maintain consistency in Corporate imagery, iconography, color usage and design.

Stage 4: Creating consistent marketing collaterals that percolate the new brand ideas

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