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Wealth Cafe is a young Wealth & Financial advisory organisation. Less than a decade old, the organisation was heading into a new growth trajectory and needed the fresh branding to support its increasing presence on socials with nationwide clients.

The Challenge:
Wealth Cafe has both corporate and individual clients. There is a substantial mis-match between the brand perception of a corporate client vs a young individual client. The brand identity has to be subtly different for these two separate categories. The individual client profile is relatively young (21-40 age group). Their aspirations and perceptions are very different from a corporate. A unified brand colors within the marketing collaterals would not work for both categories of clientele. We first created the Brand Guide to drive the broad organisation branding for Wealth Cafe. Sub-Branding was created in the subsequent stage to cater to the two respective categories.

Within this framework, 2 streams to colors were created that compliment with the primary logo color. These were assigned differently to the corporate section & differently for collaterals meant for the individual clients.

B2B Colorography

B2C Colorography

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